Teleconference Information

Teleconference Information

Afternoon Meeting Times
5 PM EST - Quebec and Eastern Ontario
4 PM CST - Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan (winter)
3 PM MST - Alberta, Saskatchewan (summer)
2 PM PST - British Columbia

Evening Meeting Times
9 PM EST - Quebec and Eastern Ontario
8 PM CST - Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan (winter)
7 PM MST - Alberta, Saskatchewan (summer)
6 PM PST - British Columbia

Dial in from whatever number is closest to you to reduce your charges.
The call in numbers for the meetings are:


If none of the above work, try:

Access code is            #

If you have any questions, please contact the secretary.

Teleconference calls provide some challenges, so here are some guidelines:
- let the facilitator moderate the meeting.
- everyone attending will be allowed an opportunity to speak to each subject once, and
the first person will be allowed to speak to the subject again.
- those wishing to submit information beforehand to all members are encouraged to do
so, to help in addressing the issues.
- all members are allowed to "attend" meetings but only directors (with current membership) will be allowed to vote or make motions or second motions.
- new members are encouraged to join into this process and learn about what projects we may be working on.  You may have new ideas that will help and find a place were your talents will assist in making the Dorper the true Sheep of the Future!


Canadian Sheep Breeders Association - Purebred Sheep Association for Canadians
Canadian Livestock Records Corporation - Registry of Canadian Sheep
Canadian Sheep Federation - Fédération Canadienne du mouton
Canadian Border Collie Association - Registry of purebred Border Collies in Canada
Oklahoma State University  - Dorper Sheep description