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AGM & Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the Canadian Dorper Sheep Association Held Sunday, Feb.25th, 2024 at 1 PM EST via Zoom.

Attendees :

David Steele (Past President/Treasurer), Sandra Alblas, (Director), Zabrina Bielaskie, (Website Director) and Donna Courchesne (Secretary}.

The Meeting was opened at 1:05pm

  1. Adoption of the Agenda – Moved by Donna Courchesne and seconded by David Steele.

  2. Adoption of the minutes of the Meeting Held Sunday Oct. 29 , 2023 – moved by Zabrina Bielaskie and seconded by David Steele

  3. Matters arising from the last Minutes –

    1.  David Steele is still working with the TD bank on the procedure for a second signing officer.

  4. Follow up of the last Minutes –

    1. a) 4H sponsorship program for 2024. Moved unanimously that the program will proceed for 2024. Deadline for applications remains Dec 31st. of the calendar year. The monetary amount of the sponsorship will be adjusted according to the number of applicants up to a maximum of $250.00. Zabrina will post an application on the Website.

    2.  David has suggested that a photo be submitted from the winning applicants with their Dorper lambs. (with permission to show on our website or adverts.)



  1. Donna will send an application with all membership renewal notifications. David also notes that our program will be mentioned (hopefully if it goes ahead) in an upcoming article in Sheep Canada.

  2. Website Updates – Zabrina has been keeping the Website up to date. She has been paying the monthly fees. These will be reimbursed by the Association as moved by Sandra Alblas and seconded by Donna Courchesne.

  3.  American Dorper Sheep Breeders Society – Sandra reports that our Association can join for the fee of $50.00 US. David will look into the best way to pay this. Sandra to submit info

  1. New Business

    1.  a) Treasurers Report – DS reported that new registrations were consistent at 500+ and transfers were down. Conclusion may be that people re growing their dorper flocks. All invoices paid to date as approved.

    2. b) Annual Membership Drive – Donna will send out an application form for 2024 to all current members and potential members. Zabrina will post it on the Website and sent to those from whom she has had enquiries.

  2. Varia – David mentions that education of judges and breeders on the Dorper breed standards is required. He will reach out to the Canadian Sheep Breeders Association. Dorper Breeders are encouraged to participate in the All Canada Classic in Richmond QC July 11-13 2024

  3. Date and Time of the Next Meeting – The next meeting will be held Sunday May 26 , 2024 at 1PM EST via Zoom.

Donna Courchesne, Secretary

David Steele Past President                                           Donna Courchesne Secretary

Agenda for the Meeting of the Canadian Dorper Sheep Association to be held Sunday , June 2 , 2024 at 1pm EST  via Zoom /  Agenda pour la reunion de l’Association Canadienne des Moutons Dorper qu’aura lieu dimanche le 2 juin , 2024 a 13h00 via Zoom

1.Adoption of the Agenda / Adoption de l’Agenda

2. Adoption of the last Minutes of Feb. 25 , 2024 / Adoption du compte rendu du 25 fev. 2024

3. Matters arising from the last Minutes / Affaires suivantes la derniere reunion a)second signing officer for the Association’s account / Deuxieme signataire pour le compte de l’Association

4. Follow Up of the last Minutes / Suivi du dernier compte rendu a)4H sponsorship programme / Programme de parrainage des clubs 4H b) Website Updates / Mise a jour du site web c) American Dorper Sheep Breeders Society d) 2024 membership Drive / Adhesion 2024

5. New Business a) Treasurers Report / Rapport du tresorier

6. Presentation by Zabrina Bielaskie on AI and Embryo transfer at her farm / Presentation sur l’IA et transfert d’embryons chez la ferme de Zabrina Bielaskie


8. Date and Time of the Next Meeting / Date et l’heure de la prochaine reunion

If you have any questions, please email us at

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