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Flick Goes The Shears (Link to site) - An important article about
the future of Dorpers in the sheep industry of Australia.

The White Dorper by Ina Campbell (PDF)

The Rock Project - Foot trimming the natural way
by Lorna Wall

Dorper Sheep - Revolutionizing the Meat Sheep Industry
by Darlene Polachic
 (Link to site)

Backwoods Article about Ruby's Dorpers (PDF)

Raising Hair Sheep and Meat Goats by Frank Craddock and Richard Machen (Link to site)

Hobby Farms - Dorper Sheep Profile (Link to site)

Hobby Farms Dorper Sheep (PDF) 

Hobby Farms Hair Sheep (PDF)


Right Pet (Link to site) - An international educational site.

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