CDSA Merchandise

The Canadian Dorper Sheep Association has a variety of available merchandise including hats, T-shirts, Jackets and the Book Essential for all Dorper Breeders: "Dorpers Into The New Century".   For any requests of merchandise please email the Secretary for more information and current availablilty, or order instructions.    
Thank you.

To order your CDSA jacket with embroidered crest, contact:

Custom Crests Ltd.
701 Henry Ave.  
Winnipeg, Manitoba  
R3E 1T9
Phone: (204)774-7728  
Fax:  (204)783-8819

Other styles available as well as other items. This includes many styles of hooded sweat-shirts, hats, t-shirts, sweaters, jerseys, etc.   Just ask for what you might like and they may have it or be able to arrange for what you want.

Our Crest is on file with them.  Please arrange for your payment and shipping (usually done by cheque).  Shipping for these jackets was about $15 with Canada Post (ask them to roll it up tight and wrap in brown paper).

Their sizing is quite reasonable, but give measurements to be sure of fit.  For larger hips order a mans jacket.  Arms are nice and long. The jackets are very warm, but light.  Can be washed in a regular washing machine and wear well.  {I wore mine traveling in Australia & New Zealand in the off season and it was great as you could have it roll or stuffed in your bag and just shake it out for wear, and was suitable still for any application My Jacket had no hood and straight sleeves, with our farm name.}

Resist stains and water, and go from scrunched to wrinkle free with just a good shaking out.  The jackets travel very well and are versatile in their weight vs warmth factor.  They work well as either an over or undercoat and have a fold-down flap in the back to protect your back from that chill while sitting waiting for a sheep to lamb out in the barn.....  

Cost is about $45, plus embroidery $8, depending on style of coat and size of crest.  There is a selection of options, such as hood or knit collar, so ask for your preferance.  Crest can be on back of jacket instead of front, etc

Shown here is the "Barn Coat" style which comes with a servicable "terry-cotton" hood, and extendable back (folds up with snaps) or down for sitting in cold barns, waiting for those lambs.  Very easy to wash and dry in regular machines.  Still looks like new after multiple washings.  Generous pockets & elastic cuffs. 

This style was used as a thank you gift to some previous board volunteers for more than 10 years of consistent service to the association on the board