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Dorper Course with Raymond Read 

JR & SR Dorper Courses held July 5, 6, 7 & 8, 2013



Summer 2013 - the Canadian Dorper Sheep Association organized a visit by Raymond Read a South African Dorper Inspector.


July 5, 6, 7 & 8 - Mr. Read taught a JR & SR Dorper course which was open to members and non-members alike using the Dorpers into the New Century Manual.


Ram H – Ann Marie and Ray Hauck and Lochend Dorpers – Bob and Kate Janzen volunteered their ranches for the courses as many sheep were required for the practical part of the course.


The course was attended by 7 members, 4 JR and 3 SR students from across the country.  Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC were all represented.


The day began with some in class instruction on the parts of the Dorper used in typing.  Mr Read concentrated mostly on the mechanics of typing the Dorper to stress how important it is to have functional animals and why it is vital that we continue to follow the Standards set out in the Manual.  We went through the mechanics of typing sheep for the better part of the  day on a different sheep every time.  We typed lambs as well as mature animals. The Sr. Students had to do the same but they also had to place the sheep as if they were in the show ring.  Homework was reading the rest of the manual as there were many questions on the exam from the manual that he did not have enough time to cover. 

The weather cooperated for the most part until exam day and it poured rain.  Thanks goodness Ray Hauck was able with the help of Lyle Webster to bring the sheep into a barn where we could type and place them in comfort.

Lunches and an evening BBQ’s  were held both full days.  One day at the Hauck’s and one day at the Janzen’s.  Huge thank you to you both for the hard work and extra effort you had to put forth to make this a success.  Getting all those sheep prepared to be typed by a bunch of people and meals on top of that yet.  Opening your homes for the evening gatherings as well as hosting the AGM was very generous of you. Hats off to you!  Job very well done! Thank you.

Also a big thank you to Dave Ellison for driving Raymond all those miles.  Dave put on thousands of miles and drove at times in excess of 10hr  days.  I am not sure how he did it.  He had Raymond everywhere on time.  I think everyone was pretty exhausted by the time the events came to an end.  I am thrilled that I could take part in some of Raymond’s visit.  I look forward to more visits to come in the future.

Submitted by

Janet Brodziak

Secretary CDSA

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